About Our Program

Supportive Campus Culture

Upon entering our program, young men become part of a cohesive, supportive, dynamic community of peers and highly-qualified staff. The Oaks embraces a wide spectrum of youth with targeted needs, ensuring every young man experiences belonging in an encouraging, nurturing treatment milieu. Our program provides a trauma-informed, strengths-based paradigm in which youth receive targeted treatment and interventions specific to their risks and needs.

Family Engagement

The Oaks is committed engaging families and the community in each young man’s treatment and progress. Families are invited to visit our campus to participate in family therapy, interactive activities, and special banquets to promote positive interaction. Where distance or other barriers exist, we assist families by providing video conferencing, transportation, and pre-paid phone cards.

We also provide regular opportunities for families to participate in special events. Through regular family visitation days, graduation ceremonies, holiday parties, and more, we enable families to participate in their child’s academic and personal growth.

Clinical Services

We are committed to delivering the right services to the right youth, at the right time.  Our qualified clinical team works with each youth, their families, and qualified community partners to create an Individualized Treatment Plan designed to target unique needs and risk factors. Based on calibrated assessment findings, our clinicians provide the necessary scaffolding to empower our youth to return home and successfully reintegrate as positive contributors to their communities. Nationally-lauded treatment groups delivered by clinical staff include, but are not limited to: Aggression Replacement Training (ART), Thinking for a Change (T4C), and Seeking Safety. 

Academics & Vocational Training

Through our year-round accredited high school and career/technical education programs, The Oaks offers students the opportunity to pass their GED exam or to earn a high school diploma. Through our industry-relevant career tracts, our youth also gain practical, applicable skills that enable them to enter the job market with in-demand, industry-recognized certifications. We utilize an education experience that links personalized learning, self-advocacy, and college/career readiness to help guide our students on their path to success. Our comprehensive services include special education, credit recovery, and accelerated learning. 

Extracurricular Opportunities

Extracurricular activities are an essential component of our programs. Participation in athletics and outdoor recreation is proven to have a positive impact on a young person’s cognitive development and overall mental health. Our youth have the opportunity to participate in intramurals, community outreach programs, and special sport and youth clubs. These activities help students develop leadership, teamwork, and communication skills applicable to all areas of their lives. 

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