Target Population

• Males aged 14 to 18 years old

• Post adjudicated from all Texas counties

• TJJD youth who are transitioning from state facilities back to their communities 

Supportive Campus Culture

Upon entering our program, youth become part of a cohesive, supportive, dynamic community of peers and highly-qualified staff. The Oaks embraces youth with a wide spectrum of needs and ensures that each one experiences belonging in an encouraging, nurturing treatment milieu. Our program provides trauma-informed care with targeted treatment and interventions specific to the individual risks and needs of each youth. 

Dedicated to Improving the Lives of Youth

Family Engagement

The Oaks is committed to engaging families and the community in each young man’s treatment and progress. Families are invited to visit our campus to participate in family therapy, activities, and special banquets that promote positive interaction. Where distance or other barriers exist, we assist families by providing video conferencing and transportation. Through regular family visitation days, graduation ceremonies, and holiday parties, we encourage families to participate in their child’s academic and personal growth.

Treatment and Counseling

Driven by the youth’s assessed needs, an Individualized Treatment Plan is created that prescribes individual and group therapy. Family therapy is provided as needed. Evidence-based, cognitive behavioral therapies include:

• Thinking for a Change

• Aggression Replacement Training

• Pathways to Self-Discovery and Change

• Restorative Solutions

• Seeking Safety

• Power Source

Transition Support and Step-down Programming

Youth at The Oaks receive guidance and support as they transition back into the community or to a lower level of care. Youth are eligible to step down to Gulf Coast Trades Center (GCTC) upon successful program completion. GCTC is a non-secure facility that specializes in academics with vocational opportunities in Building Trades and Culinary Arts through their on-site school.